Hello Edit

Xzyckon (/sʌɪkɒn/) is a member of Dwaia and also a frequent visitor of SyrsChat. He usually spends his time roaming around #quality_heckposts fertilising the lands with his unfiltered adhd in the form of shitposting, which allows him to grow and farm his memes to sell to the meme economy. However, this does make the lands inhospitable to people who are easily offended, reason, intellectuality, well written comedy and pretty much life in general so if you plan on visiting, bring a hazmat suit... and a set of T-45 power armour.

Character Edit

Within Dwaia, Xzyckon is a lvl 333 shitpost wizard giving him the ability to create physical and spiritual manifestations from his shitposting both purposely and accidentally, resulting in many shenanigans across Dwaia.

Occasionally Xzyckon will produce a good art which he posts in #creativity, however most of the stuff he creates is just shitpost since it takes much less effort and can be done instantly. He will even take something he's put real effort into and just shit on it for the sake of it.

Another activity that Xzyckon likes to indulge himself in is forcing the bot slaves of Dwaia to play music at his command or (more likely) blast ear rape into other's ears who happen to be in the same voice channel as him. His favorite YouTube videos he likes to torture the bots with include shittyflute covers of meme songs, jettan videos, or just any random trash he stores in his 'Le Mems' playlist.

Other Shit Edit

My Creations:

25 Facks about the Coconutal Blody
Confirm email address
Finnish Xzyckon (I am not proud of this one)

Quotes Edit

  • ">when you pass a dead chicken fetus out of your dick so you use it as a shotgun shell to shoot up a school with"
  • "If a man inserts a tiny women into his dick would that be vore or sounding?"
  • "Can you find all seven magical fish?"
  • "Skip navigation GB"
  • "EAT PANT!"

Related Video: Edit

How to Pronounce Xzyckon00:17

How to Pronounce Xzyckon

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