The Museum of Shitpost is a landmark that resides within the outskirts of Autoania. Here, only the best shitposts of Dwaia are archived and put on display for people to bathe in the chaotic incantations of the mentally "gifted".

It was originally constructed by Xzyckon using bricks made out of dried sewage and plastic bottles with a metal sign above the door with the landmark's name crudely cut into it. This is where Xzyckon would store copies of his best shitposts for others to see. Since then, a communal effort has been made to refurbish it into an actual building (because Xzyckon can't build for shit) and has become a place where anyone can add entries should they be beaming with enough autism.

The art that is presented within the museum is not limited to one type either; whether it a picture, literature, a video, music, digital or physical it can potentially become a shit of the greats. We even have some SCBs contained around here.[unconfirmed] Down below is a list of current entries:

Images (0/4)

Beige (By Xzyckon)
ESPONAL (By Xzyckon) (Might be a cognitohazardous)
Stupid Doggo (By Xzyckon)
Stupid fucking car turned into a ball lmao (By Xzyckon)

Literature (2/2)

25 Facks about the Coconutal Blody (By Xzyckon)
GrEgOrY pLuS kAtNiSs 4 eVaR (By Xzyckon)

It is also worth pointing out that Xzyckon likes to create extremely pretentious excerpts whenever he tours people around the museum when he comments on the art pieces presented, more specifically in such a way to parody the modern art movement. In actuality, Xzyckon deems these artworks as nothing more than mad chaos created by the hyperactive minds of Dwaia.