Sungazer of Reptilia, a.k.a Lord Gazealot if goode friendo, or Sungasm if disguised in Evil Land, is the lust driven, solar powered, scaly Emperor of Reptilia, tasked with perpetually gazing at the sun through his third eye, as it is said that this stare keeps the sun from collapsing down onto the Realm. All of Emperor Sungazer's abodes are made of smooth glass, to allow constant observation of the sun, from dawn until dusk. As a result, Sungazer is not able to keep any secrets from his people, causing his reign to be quite trusted compared to other empires.

As any other scaly creature he is an avid fan of sunlight, sexual toys and traumatizing humans with references to blue dragons[citation needed].

"Speaking spic in front of the Emperor is strongly advised against, for his rage is known to be as powerful as his lust." Advise given to visitors of Reptilia

Trivia Edit

One of Dwaia's folkloric festivals, the Cumming of the Sun, started in Reptilia one cloudy day as Emperor Sungazer got fed up with the lack of Sunlight and as he was on edge for hours he came so hard it broke the sky and cleared the clouds, yet the shot of jizz didn't ever stop, it reached space and nearly missed the Sun, and it is believed that the jizz started orbiting it afterwards. The Cumming of the Sun is therefore spent below roofs or carrying umbrellas in fear that the jizz may rain back during the festival.

It is believed that Emperor Sungazer was categorized as an SC🅱, but since he has a [🅱EDACTED] position in the organization many records were expunged with cum and are lost forever.