A reanimated Human Skeleton, also know as a Skellington, Skelton, Skurl, Skelly, Boneman, Boner, Rattler, Spoop, Calsium-person or One of Those Things that Everypeople Got in They Bodies but These Ones is Outside and That Aint Cool, are a form of living corpse that is belong to the Skeletal. Skurls does not contain Bo, and thus they require external help to become animated (not the entertaining kind but the moving kind.) Resurrected either on purpose by a Cromancer or accidentally by lingering magicks, the Boneman absorbs any nearby free soul (usually, but not always, the original soul of the corpse) and does a resurrect. Humans that become kill in magical areas tend to immediately become a boner and rise again.

While this article refers to Human skellies, the most common calcium-based death form, all other species of vertebrates by definition have skeletons within thems as well. Some of these other flavours of rattler are a compare in prevalence, such as the Skeleton Cyclops.

Many skeltons and other Skeletals reside in the The Bone Zone and Occeia.

Ossean Edit

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Ossean is the language of the Skeletal. Unlike inferior languages where the speaker only has one organ to communicate and make sounds with, Ossean can be spoken by rattling the bones of different parts of the body to create different sounds, words and sentences.

Ossean has many similarities to spoken language. It has a very broad vocabulary (or bonecabulary if you will,) complex grammar structure and all that other stuff that languages have. Other similarities that Ossean share with other languages is that it has dialects and accents. Unlike dialects that change from area to area, in Ossean it depends which part of the body the skeletons decides to rattle its bone. Some skeletons might prefer rattling their ribcage, while others their hips. It also depend what kind of animal the skeleton was made from.

Trivia* Edit

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  • Despite the funny and memeic unseriousness surrounding skeletons, Ossean is considered one of the more complex and sophisticated languages on Dwaia. For example it has over 100 spooktillion synonyms of the word bone.
  • Skeletons are able to learn the other languages of Dwaia even though they do not have tongues or vocal cords. This is commonly done by manifesting sounds through spook magic.
  • Though it should be obvious, thiccer skeltons has deeper bonks and are therefore more respected amongst the skelly community.
  • Ossean is also know as Bonespeak, although nobody really calls it that.

Skeleton Life Edit

Skeletons, despite the spoopy nature, live relatively normal lives. There are two big skellton cultures in Dwaia: The slightly bad spoops from Boners, and the really good pseudo-hooman skellies from Osseia.

As an example, just like normal life, skeltons living in both Boners and Ossea also have social security numbers (Called social bone numbers) and credit cards (Calcium cards). One time this one faggot decided to take a lot of pictures of both the known and lesser known spoops in both countries and published it to show that bone men live just as fun lives as humans.

Skills Edit

Bonemen are of looking quite spoopy, but they may also be highly charisma and persuade. Indeed, an skellington's tongue would be silver, if they had a tongue. They also have other skills, including:

  • Rattle: The skellington rattles its bones. Does nothing. Maybe a bit spoopy to some. (Also this is also an part of the way an skeleton do a communicate.)
  • Spoop: Boneman spoops the victim, be it a friendly or a bad. This is not always the intentional.
  • Persuade: As of mention before, the skelton is charism.
  • Confuse: ????????
  • Ossify: By far the most powerful of the natural boner abilities, the skurl possesses the power to solidify other living beings with a single touch. While natural to Boners, this power comes at a great costs, and requires trained in the dark magicks.

As you can see, the rattler is quite danger. However, not all of them are a bad. The land of Osseia is full of good spoops, for entrample.

Strengths and weaknesses Edit

Notable calsium-persons Edit

SKELBONE is a important and quite power specimen of the OoTTtEGiTBbTOiOaTAC species.