SKELBONE is the common abbreviation for the Skeleton King of Evil Land, Boi-Obliterating Nasty Evilguy. SKELBONE is the current tyrannical monarch of the Democratic Republic of Evil Land. Due to his incredibly high power level of 206 chakras, he quickly rose to power in a region to the south of Dwaia, causing most of the ground to become lava, which hurts and does an ouch, and turning the land into his own. He did all the at the age of 4. Nobody really knows how he became a skeleton, but legends say that he just simply refused to die, and his father, The Grim Reaper, allowed him to stay undead.

SKELBONE is also know to be fluent in the dark language of Spic.

SKELBONE's Chakras: Edit

  • SKELBONE has a very strong Mandible Chakra, which he uses to speak curses to other people, which makes them offended even if they are not a tumblr.
  • SKELBONE also has very dangerous Phalange Chakras, which he uses to do a not good. Namely, he uses the ample anomalous space inside them to store an incredible amount of tooth picks. The Cowbolandian Institute of the Science reckons the number is likely above 1 quintillion.
  • SKELBONE's Femur Chakras are very speed and can be used to go many fasts.

SKELBONE's Weaknesses: Edit

There are not a many weaknesses in the Evil Land-ian overlord, but there are still some, including:

  • SKELBONE needs a good calcium and milk to support his chakras.
  • SKELBONE is very weak against tasty candies and other sweetings.
  • There is also a Necromagic which is used to keep SKELBONE in one piece, which might be counteracted by a source of Life Magic, such as a refreshing Pepsi.
  • Butter. [1]
  • B O N E L E S S P I Z Z A

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