Current main office of the SC🅱.

The SC🅱, originally standing for "Super Cool Bois", is an organization based in [🅱EDACTED], in the country of [🅱EDACTED]. They specialize in the containment of dangerous objects, such as that one spoon with the jiblet on it that makes it uncomfortable to eat with. There are currently 5 quintillion amount of object under the containment of the SC🅱.

The SC🅱  started in the year 1234AP (After Potato) because there was a guy who kept eating beans and then farting and he had to be controlled. So they built a shack around him, now known as Shack Zero, to contain his butt. Shack Zero has been slowly expanding to contain all the gas and has since grown to 5 cubic kilometers. Please do not delet, this is not my fetish, I am reporting truth.

SC🅱's are put into several different categories

Known SC🅱s Edit

There are not many SC🅱 objects that are known to the public, but they include: