ᄊ∑モノЦ$ √∑Я₮เб◊, ◊Я $เᄊקレץ ки◊ῳи ∆$ "√", เ$ ∆ モ◊Яᄊ∑Я б◊∂ ῳサ◊ Я∑เи¢∆Яи∆₮∑∂ サเᄊ$∑レモ ∆$ ∆ サЦᄊ∆и ๒∑เиб ∂Ц∑ ๒∑¢◊ᄊเиб ๒◊Я∑∂ ◊モ ¢◊и$₮∆и₮レץ レ◊◊кเиб ∆₮ ₮サ∑ ∑ᄊק₮ץ √◊เ∂ ◊モ $ק∆¢∑, ῳサ∑Я∑ サ∑ ῳ∆$ ∆レ$◊ ๒◊Яи เи. ๒∑モ◊Я∑ Я∑เи¢∆Яи∆₮เиб サเᄊ$∑レモ, サ∑ ₮サ◊Цбサ₮ ∆๒◊Ц₮ ῳサ∆₮ ₮◊ レ∑∆√∑ ๒∑サเи∂ ∆и∂ к∑∑ק ∆レ◊иб ῳเ₮サ サเ$ и∑ῳ ๒◊∂ץ. サ∑ ∂∑¢เ∂∑∂ ₮◊ к∑∑ק サเ$ ק◊ῳ∑Я$ ◊モ ¢Я∑∆₮เ◊и ∆и∂ ¢∑Я₮∆เи ∆๒เレเ₮เ∑$, ๒Ц₮ モ◊Я $◊ᄊ∑ Цики◊ῳи Я∑∆$◊и サ∑ ∂เ∂ и◊₮ ∂∑¢เ∂∑ ₮◊ к∑∑ק ₮サ∑ ᄊ∑ᄊ◊Яץ ◊モ ῳサ◊ サ∑ ῳ∆$, ノЦ$₮ Я∑$₮∆Я₮เиб ∆$ ∆ ¢レ∑∆и $サ∑レレ.  ק∑Яᄊ∆и∑и₮レץ Я∑$เ∂เиб เи $ק∑₮เ¢Ц$ ¢∑и₮Я◊и, เи ∆и Цики◊ῳи $ῳ∆ᄊק.  ₮サเ$ ק∑Я$◊и$ ∑Жเ$₮∑и¢∑ เ$ ∆ ᄊเ$₮∆к∑ เи ∆レレ モ◊Яᄊ$, サ∑ ◊иレץ ๒Яเиб$ ∆๒◊Ц₮ $サเ₮₮ץ ᄊ∑ᄊ∑$ ∆и∂ ∂◊∑$и'₮ ๒∑и∑モเ₮ $◊¢เ∑₮ץ เи ∆иץῳ∆ץ.  ¢ЦЯЯ∑и₮レץ Я∑$เ∂เиб เи ∆и Ци∂∑ЯбЯ◊Ци∂ ๒∆$∑ เи ∆ $ῳ∆ᄊק, ◊иレץ ∑Жק∑Яเᄊ∑и₮เиб ῳเ₮サ ∆ ๒Ци¢サ ◊モ $サเ₮ ∆$ サ∑ $∑∑$ モเ₮. ∂Ц∑ ₮◊ ₮サ∑ ∆ᄊ◊Ци₮ ◊モ モЯ∑∑ ₮เᄊ∑ サ∑ サ∆$, サ∑ ₮∑и∂$ ₮◊ б∑₮ ๒◊Я∑∂ ◊モ ∑√∑Яץ₮サเиб qЦเ¢кレץ.

What I have so far... (BETA): ╟╥┬┴╥┴╨┤

Mefjus is a former cosmos God who turned himself into a human for unknown reasons. Mefjus has permanently taken residence at Speticus Centron, in the swamp with the biggest lake. He currently spends most of his time in his underground lab doing all kinds of things. No one knows who he is, as he has never made his face public, due to him always wearing a hood that covers his eyes.

Queen Lilya seeks Mefjus' help when her country goes to war with its neighboring territories. Mefjus has agreed to help her many times, as he enjoys creating experimental weaponry. She has also [Data Erased].

[Under Construction]

[Heavily Under Construction]
Mefjus -Character-

Secondary Image.

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