Jefnut is the Dwaian goddess of moisture and lust. Additionally, she is an element in the Dwaian elemental system.

History Edit

Jefnut, like most other Dwaian mythological figures, was picked up from the trans-universal garbage dump by Azaius Botatio, after having been dumped from her previous universe. She used to be a goddess of water in a different universe, but was thrown out because she was a thot and because her nickname was Jeff. Azaius was not concerned by her thotic nature, therefore she now rules over the domains of water and thots in the Dwaian universe.

Status as an element Edit

Because she has been fixed as one of the fundamental elements of Dwaia, Jefnut has some unusual properties. As Ultimation elements cannot be subdivided into smaller parts (without being destroyed, though this requires an incredible amount of energy), Jefnut cannot be destroyed by simple means. It would likely take the creation of an anti-Jefnut to destroy the current one via annihilation. However, creating an anti-Jefnut requires the creation of a second Jefnut, and so there will always be at least one Jefnut in existence. Thus, the only conceivable weakness she has is that of corruption - adding things to Jefnut until Jefnut no longer is Jefnut.