The Human is a prevalent form of sentient life on the world of Dwaia (World). Various forms of Human settlement span the entirety of the First Plane, owing to their high adapt, and can sometimes even be found as the minority population of regions dominated by other being. They are the big common.

Humans are high in social, building complexicated relationships and organizing themselves into a many groups. Their social lead them to build large, high population cities. The largest in Dwaia. Very big.

Skills Edit

Only three skills come naturally to Humankin:

  • Innovate: The skill of create, be it technolog or build.
  • Cooperate: A very high social skills results in Human being a help and a trade with fellow Human.
  • Adaptate: Humans are adept at adopt an adapt to adipt their adupt. In other words, they good at chang when need be.

In addition to thises, Humans are prone to the learning new skills. There are a quite few skills that are not available for a Human to learned, and the amount of skill under one Human's metaphysical belt is limit only by what they feel like teaching themselv.

They also are so effect at improving themselves that they having the most variable of stats of any bo; While default stats are 10 almost across board, a typical Human may in reality have trained an particular stat to be as high as 18. This is known as becoming legal.[citation needed]

Elder Humans are known for their exceptionally larg Wisdom.

Strengths and weaknessesEdit

Willpower and Endurance is the Humans's stronkest traits. If it must do a thing for a long time, or do a long wait, a Human can do. They have also a propentity, when injure, to just not die for some reason. This is most noticable with limb injures.

Despite this, Humans has two weak spots: The head, chest center, nut, and did I say two I meant three. They also have a particular weakness to fire. Emotionalwise, the Human's greatest weak is in its noggin. Human psyche is not strong, relative, and while they may have a great will to perservere physically they are not guaranteed to stay sane while doing so. They also have a needs to interact with other Humans on the regular.

Notable humans Edit