One of the most remarkable things of Dr. Icer is his long stay as a member of Syrsa's community, settled as infinite in Dwaia, where he normally stays to discuss various issues. Though he loves to talk about artistic creations like drawings and specially music, he's normally around for the gentlemanly activity that is exchanging smut content.

His face has never been revealed to the other habitants of Dwaia, being his trademark ominous white mask all they have seen. That mask is pure symbolism of the behaviour and philosophy of life of his creator: observe more and talk less, distance yourself from the crowds and stare at random people that walk alone on the streets.  

Though his goals and aspirations are way less known than his fetishes, he shows a remarkable enjoyment towards animelandese shows broadcasted by dwaian media, specially the famous anime Cowbo Bebo.  

Trivia Edit

  • Some people argue that Icer is actually just the entity inside the mask,that takes a host to be able to communicate and feed on sweet face flesh.
  • He likes to consume stories of the famous writer Stamina Lostcraft.