Cancerous Tumors are like Zombies, except they don't eat Humans, they're mostly busy overusing memes, annoying people to the point of suicide, and such. They are indeed rare creatures to find. However, should you find yourself near one, GET THE LIVING FUCK AWAY FROM IT, It'll immediately start spewing out old memes on repeat the moment it notices your presence.

Cancer Incarnations are the result of when a Human takes it upon his/her self to, as one would put it, "become attention whore to the max". These Humans have lost all self-respect they ever had for themselves and will stop at noting to get attention.

Cancerous Retardus is what occurs when you take a Cancerous Tumor, and a Human and you mix them up together in a fucking test tube, the end result is a God form of ASCENDED, the maximum level of ASCENSION. These individuals possess a meme intelligence of a high-tier Human. Such individuals have the best taste in memes and select only the best memes.

Intelligence Edit

While having seemingly no intelligence, they are good scouts, once one of them has your scent, it'll not give up on finding you. They aren't that hard to fend off, a simple headshot can kill them instantly (just like actual zombies).

There are also special occasions where Cancerous Tumors can turn into a rare type of cancer that manifest an intelligence of 7, these tumors don't spew out random memes for hours-on-end, but they are retarded, as seen in the case of SUCCUUS, a retarded clone of Dr. V.

Cancer Incarnations have an average Human intelligence, but they seemingly are also extremely needy and are always looking for attention. Therefore their intelligence would always level-off around 10-40.

Cancerous Retardus have a high level of intelligence, they also have the best[Citation Needed] choices in memes. Their intelligence usually levels off at 60-100. However, any Cancerous Retardus with an intelligence of 60-85 are not considered Gods, but they still posses the same power and ability.

Events Edit

  • Cancerous Tumors have caused many suicides around the entirety of Dwaia, as people have preferred to commit the act instead of having to live with being followed around by these things, constantly hearing overused memes and the never ending repetition of them.

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