Bio Edit

Caelus, or Caelus5 as she is commonly known outside of Dwaia (World), is a semiprmanaent resident of Dwaia (Land). She originally arrived by picking up a dodgy airline ticket left outside by Azaius Botatio, Thinking the ticket would lead her to the original destination stated nearby. However, the ticket instead was an outdated format that mistakenly re-routed her Deus-Ex Dimensional Travel Device to Dwaia. Caelus has since refurbished an abandoned shack on the edge of the Dwaia/Grassia border, and spends her time fossicking for rare memes such as the fabled spheg or engaging in trivial banter with the other residents of Dwaia.

Trivia Edit

  • Caelus thinks the world would be a vastly better place if most all vehicles had jet engines, and commonly fails to understand why this would be a bad idea.
  • Caelus occasionally does an art, although it is never of truly great quality.
  • She also invented Harambium once by trying to achieve the purest form of the Earth element